British Hairdressing Business Awards 2015 FinalistsHello there followers!

Apologies for my tardiness re recent blogging. I have been busy snipping away, recruiting new team members and making exciting plans for Atelier’s future! More about that to follow… But the focus for us now is the the upcoming British Hairdressing Business Award ceremony, held a week today at the Lancaster, Park Lane.

We approach the big night with mixed feelings of excitement, trepidation and reflection. The hard work is done in many ways as I submitted our substantial entry back in June. But the wait since we were announced as Finalists feels like it has been LONG! I have to say writing the entry was a really good exercise in getting back to my roots and what this journey has all been about? I don’t know whether we will win or not, to even get this far is an achievement. But one thing I do know is that it has been a difficult journey and I have learnt so much along the way. I feel confident that myself, and the team have worked our socks off to achieve a great local reputation in a short space of time. We have collected some awesome clients along the way and bonded through the highs and lows (!) Building a business from the bottom up is bloody hard work, more so than I could have ever imagined. But I would do it again in a heartbeat, because I wake up every day excited to go to work. I share my days with some very talented, kind and funny people and we exist in a beautiful, calm environment. Just this simple fact has definitely impacted on me. I feel more creative than ever and more ambitious in many ways. Because when I look back at the days before I had got funding, or found premises, or staff, the odds seemed stacked against me! But with a little help from my friends, and a LOT of faith, we made it! And we made it pretty darn good in my opinion.

The category we are up for ‘Independent Newcomer’ is a real accolade. The criteria was to assess your business aims, strategies, implementation and ethos etc. The competition is hot at this level but I feel we are contenders. So… the dress is purchased (only bought 3 online before deciding, ahem…) The hotels booked, there are 9 of us going and it should be a fantastic night with a chance to get dressed up if nothing else, which I love! What ever happened to old school glamour anyway? Bristol needs more swanky hangouts if you ask me. I only have three modes 1-Workmode, 2-Sportmode, 3-Glamourmode! The third hasn’t had a look in for a while?!! So wish us luck people? We will of course keep you posted on Social Media with photos and updates on the night…EEK! Here’s hoping we can bring back Gold… (the trophy would look really good amongst our décor)sorry……just saying….! smile 🙂

So what else is new? Well we have 2 shiny new team members! Rhianna is our new Apprentice supporting the fabulous Tori. Our assistants make our job possible and work extremely hard to make sure our clients are spoilt on every visit. Rhianna has not been with us long but won ‘Atelier Allstar’ at our last meeting (our version of employee of the month) for throwing herself into the role and becoming part of Atelier’s furniture already! Well done Rhianna, you have set the bar pretty high for yourself… No pressure!

ShayOur other new addition is the amazing Shay who joins us a full time Beauty Therapist. Shay has a wealth of experience and it shows. She is the consummate professional, very attentive and lovely company too so make the most of her introductory offer and book in for any waxing, tanning, manicures etc to receive 20% off. This also means our beautiful subterranean Spa is now open Tues/ Sat the same as the salon, with 2 late nights (Tues/Wed) AND we will be offering 2 Sundays per month from the end of Sept. Could we BE anymore flexible?! smile 🙂 We understand that life is busy and that it’s hard to get an appointment sometimes. We are a small team but fast growing so we hope that this new availability helps you help yourself to some ‘me time’. Sacred Sundays as we are calling them are set to be a winner for sure. We don’t care if you’re hungover FYI…..Its natural, but we promise WE won’t be!! smile :))) So take note, Hair, Beauty, Massage all available 2 Sundays per month at Atelier 10/5

REN Christmas gift setsNow I know this word is going to freak some of you out, so spoiler alert! Christmas is actually only 2 Hair appointments away! How the hell did that happen?! It is looming and we are already really booked up, Saturdays and late nights being the most popular. We strongly advise, if you haven’t already, that you book your appointments up to the end of the year. If myself or Henry are unavailable, please remember Issy has been promoted to Top Stylist and she really is very good! Kat is working every Sat also but has now started her College course in Fashion! This ties in very nicely with the world of hair and beauty and we wish her muchos success, but also glad she’s still part of the gang!

Since we are starting to think about the festive period we will also soon be placing our order for Christmas gift sets. Last year the REN gifts were selling like hotcakes. We recommend the minis as stocking fillers and will have a range of specific kits for every skin type. (Available Oct). Label M also offer gorgeous Limited edition Straightening Irons (£69.99 Much less than GHDs and better in all honesty as they have a temperature dial to avoid the frazzle!) and hair product combos. So even if you are just topping up, you will be making savings.

Right that’s it from me for now….We will leave you with some images from our recent photo shoot with Amanda Thomas, enjoy and as always thanks for tuning in smile 🙂