Well ladies, this week my thoughts are primarily on men…. Wonderful, rugged, clean cut, young, old, smart or rough and ready men. No, don’t worry I’m not on the prowl (bagged a great one already) just noticing a few stylish guys on the radar and thought the boys should get some attention for once. It can’t all be about us girls…

Many of my male clients ask me what I would do with their hair if I had free reign. My first thought is always, give em a good ‘noogie’ HAAAA, but then when I remember I am 31, I like to think I have taken some of them on a style journey. Challenging their perceptions, evolving their look and giving them the confidence to stand out from the crowd.

People often say that there is less scope with Men’s hairdressing. I would disagree. Just look at the different eras and see how men have changed. And celebrities have influenced men’s hair just as much as women’s. The looks we all aspire to are triggered by some desire living within us. The estate agent who grows his locks might be harboring a hidden rock star ambition. The quiet girl in the office who dyes her hair blue, feeling invisible, the sudden Katy Perry references and double takes make her feel empowered. The advertising guy who grows a handlebar moustache and thinks he looks rather edgy and controversial. Our image says something about us. So boys what do you want that statement to say about you??

If I were a bloke (I reckon I’d make a good one) I would adopt a longer lid a la Depp for example. Now to be fair, Johnny would look good with a mullet (Business at the front. PAR-Tay at the back!!) or curtains even. The Adonis that he is, one could not ever really imagine him having an off day. But he has changed his hair and overall style considerably over the years and pulled it off with finesse.

Another man I saw recently rocking a great long style was Jared Leto. He still looked sexy and masculine despite his tumbling tresses AND doubly impressive was how shiny his mop was. That man has been conditioning and you could just imagine, if he pulled you into him,…you would get a face full of fragrant tendrils….aaaah bliss….. :0 sorry got a little carried away there…….:/

A lot of men’s hair trends are strongly influenced by music. From Mod, to Rockabilly, to Metal, the shapes and textures come back around with fashion. Alex from the Arctic Monkeys has been sporting a totally James Deanesque teddy boy cut. It looks so fresh today but of course he didn’t invent it, just reinvented it for a new generation. Paul Weller pioneered the Mod look and seems to look better and better with age? You know how much I like quirky grey hair. On men it unfairly looks distinguished and ‘lived in’, as opposed to on ladies…diminished and ‘trade in’!?!

I suppose David Beckham has championed a type of metamorphosis for the modern man. He has a versatility that I love, comfortable in every stage of transformation. And that may be the key with any new look, to wear it with conviction. If you aren’t convinced then others won’t buy into your look either.

Every year during Movember I am delighted by the array of face fur before my eyes. One year I was working in the salon when I clocked my next client, a nice London banker by the name of Steve. I did a double take and promptly collapsed into hysterics after glimpsing his new MOOOOstache. It was a cross between a little Hitler and a naughty German Pornstar?! In the context of that person, it was simply to much to control. He took it well, said the response had been similar at work and would be shaving that evening. Aah, that one still tickles me!!

That is why women love fashion, because they can reinvent themselves. We love to dress up and play a part and more and more men seem to be taking the reigns and adopting stronger and more diverse styling. I for one salute you for this lads. Seeing a well groomed man who smells of divine aftershave with an original dress sense turns my head, and many others I’m certain. So embrace a change I say…and have woman flocking in your wake!!

But let me break it down for you, as Justin Timberlake (another trendsetter) would say. The top tips for achieving a bonzer Barnett are as follows:

A great cut- Now don’t scrimp here boys. The barber may be quick and cheap but you get what you pay for and a great cut takes more than 8 minutes. Also you will get a cultural/fashion reference from a good stylist, and maybe even a beer and a head massage! Converted? Good.

Correct products- For a longer tailored look try a high shine pomade reminiscent of the 40s wet look. For dry texture, separation and invisible hold, try a matte paste or clay. Label M have an extensive men’s range in stylish packaging that will look at home in your batchelors bathroom suite 🙂 Men should shampoo and condition. I would use a deep or gentle cleansing shampoo (dependant on how much finishing product you use) and Label M Peppermint treatment is a tingling wake up call for the shower, that leaves both hair and scalp refreshed and hydrated, no one should have a flaky scalp. Cleanse and hydrate, that’s paramount.

Facial hair- Keep it tidy Chewbacca!! If you have designer stubble stick to the shaving programme to keep it neat. Keep sideburns shaped and thinned ( stylist can do this) and if you want your eyebrows neatened you can ask your stylist too. The attention to detail around ear and nose hair is essential!! You may not have it now young men, but with age may come ‘stragglers’ and these are the antithesis of cool and sexy!!

So I think that’s it for my men’s manifesto. If you have a hubby that needs a spruce up maybe slip this their way? And guys don’t be scared to try something new. Ask your stylist if they have any ideas and if you see a picture you like, bring it with you. Never be embarrassed as this is a useful tool for us to know exactly what you want without translating into hairdresser speak! Or it can at least be a starting point to the consultation where you can devise a look inspired from the initial picture but tailored to your hair texture/face shape/lifestyle etc.

Go forth and coiffure!!