Is it Christmas yet??? Only April?? Oh….. Time is flying by it seems at Atelier. Since we opened our doors on Sat 1st Feb, I can’t tell you what a whirlwind it has been. From our nervous first day to our recent rave review, it’s been a rollercoaster ride, but we are loving every minute of the journey! Thus far, clients have given us the most amazing feedback about their salon experiences and the team are performing with the precision of a well oiled machine. I am lucky to have assembled a great group of people who make me laugh and impress me every day. I’m incredibly proud of what we have all achieved so far and very excited about everything we have in the pipeline…

The 10 k is our next challenge. I have to say I held out little hope of actually getting my stylists to commit to this…. Whilst I am fairly ‘sport billy’, the others, MAAAH, not so much….. My dear friend and colleague Suz for example, normally comes out in hives if I suggest she might enjoy a trip to the gym? She can just about run a bath…. So when the whole bunch of them said they were up for the run, (for our charity The Little Princess Trust) I suspected some sort of April fool was afoot. However, to my amazement, the team have bought running accessories (an important start)and commenced training already.

Atelier Allstars ;)    I suggested a run one Sunday to see how we paced as a team. Suz was showing fairly good form 5 k in despite some gradual hills. She removed a jumper, then a top, and basically ended up running in her bra for the majority of the circuit…half way through Henry whispered ‘We’ve done 7k?!! Shall we tell her??’ ‘No’ was my evil genius retort… ‘Let’s put her through her paces!’ Well, when we finished up back at the salon and told Suz she had completed 10k in 57 mins, oh her second ever run!!…..AHEM! She was so chuffed and proceeded to take sport selfies of herself in our grande mirroirs. She subsequently, after this momentous occasion, has set her sights on a six pack… love it 😉

So FYI, The Little Princess Trust is a wonderful charity with a hairy theme. It raises money for real hair wigs for children who have suffered hair loss due to chemotherapy and other hair loss conditions. We understand how hair can be a security blanket and think that loosing it, is a really hard transition for adults, let alone children, so we feel pretty passionate about this cause.

My highlight from this month was meeting a new client, the lovely Lisa Jephcote, for a consultation. She had been recommended to the salon by another one of my clients and on chatting divulged that she had not been in a salon for years! Her hair was past waist length, no layers with a DIY fringe…Right…..Diplomacy hat on…. I suggested some long layers and a little introduction to colour, with maybe some caramel tones to add texture etc. As a throw away remark at the end I chucked into the ring the fact that, with small, neat features and the right face shape, she could actually rock a crop. To my surprise, I received an email from her a week later saying she was ‘up for’ the radical restyle. She had done some research herself and stumbled across the same charity so we knew it was meant to be.

Lisa before.....                                Lisa after                                                                                            When Lisa arrived I limbered her up with a few glasses of champagne. Why the hell not, it’s a noble sacrifice and a terrifying prospect, let’s be honest!? I was super impressed with her nonchalance and thoroughly enjoyed having a great lady in my chair, who was happy for me to do my thing. On the big reveal, we were all beaming and Lisa looked hot. Her face and petite frame were crying out for a pixie cut so we high fived each other, on a good idea, well executed. Lisa’s 14 inches of hair were donated to The Little Princess Trust. Now it is up to us with your help to raise some serious wedge for this brilliant cause.

To support us for running the Bristol 10 k, whilst wearing wigs (!) please visit our just giving page:

Or ask to donate on your next salon visit. We greatly appreciate your support, every little helps.

So next was our fab review in The Bristol Magazine. We eagerly awaited the delivery of Aprils issue. Sam"Cheers Bristol Mag" the lovely editor had booked in for the works, and we were chomping at the bit for her feedback. It turns out Sam had been a bit of a die hard, Aveda fan. But she had nothing but praise for our chosen colour range ‘Milkshake’. Championing a new range is a brave move in an arena where powerful conglomerates simply can buy more exposure. Our colour is more natural and higher performance than the top competitors. Milkshake is a respected brand in Europe but is now reaching the UK, we are privileged to get involved with them at this stage. And now our clients and editors alike are echoing the cry. The most important prerequisite for my business is that we have integrity, in everything we do. That means we tell the truth about our products, our capabilities and our aspirations. The review has had a great response. We have another out in Clifton Life soon and I am featuring in an article about Independent Business People in Bristol Magazine next month. Very exciting! And just happens to be shot at Dig Haushizzle my favourite interiors shop.

Next up, it’s competition time! The British Hairdressing Award entry forms are out. Not revealing what we are entering juuuust yet;) It’s the lifeblood that courses through our veins. The chance to show the industry what we can do. With a great team possessing a range of strengths, and the will to succeed, I am confident that we can be strong contenders. So on that note…over and out…..we have work to do;)