This blog was inspired by one of my dear friends who is naturally also my client! She suffers from the curse of the dreaded ‘sparklers’ as we affectionately refer to them in the trade. She is young, glamourous and beautiful and to my knowledge we are the only 2 people that know her secret . And that is how it will stay for a long time to come.

To completely cover greys it is advisable to stick to your natural colour, or thereabouts and time the transition wisely. If you have 50% grey sprouting through one day and are flawless solid chocolate the next, people are going to talk. But if you are at the stage where a few of the little blighters are appearing through the temples, and accelerating, now is the time to get down to your salon and book a consultation.

There are a few options to consider. The first is to cover. To blitz the offending stragglers with some permanent colour and maintain your forever young persona, be prepared to root touch every 4 weeks. The initial application really must be done by a professional I think, just to ensure the depth and tone are right for you and BELIEVABLE. Also what suited you in your teens may not match your skin tone now. The skin tone changes with age as well as the hair so if you were Raven haired proceed with caution when colouring. The most common faux pass I see, is the ‘witchy’ look where ladies have made this mistake, gone too dark and have children running in fear. It’s so severe, AND very difficult to reverse as the build up of a dark brown/black will be hard to colour out. Now we know that time and cost wise this is quite a commitment. If you wanted to touch up yourself at home in between services, I would recommend you ask your stylist to suggest what to use. Some stylists will also offer a ‘partial’ re growth to tide you over. This is normally the area that you see growing out, ie the hairline and limited parting. Should be half the price roughly of a full re growth and you will need to alternate to keep the wolf from the door!

When your grey has progressed to a stage where you are predominantly grey, keeping up with a permanent colour can be hard work. I have many clients who are looking to ‘blend’ their grey which is my preferred approach. This means ingeniously introducing a lowlight and a highlight to disguise the grey and create an overall textured effect where you incorporate the grey. By placing other warmer/lighter/darker tones in the mix, we create the illusion that the grey is less prominent. It can look classy and long term leaves a route to growing your colour out when you eventually decide to make the transition. If the ratio of dark to light is uneven, you can also balance it by highlighting or low lighting. This takes real skill. I personally enjoy the obsessive precision required!

Lets all jump in the tardis and have a gander at the final stages…. NOT OF LIFE!?! Just your lid! Phew….So you have a full head of silver locks. Can I firstly say, LUCKY YOU. If your genes have blessed you with a crisp grey at this stage I would question whether you even need to colour now. You are DONE relieved of service as far as that goes. But never underestimate the importance of a sharp cut to showcase the new you. Take inspiration from Dame Helen Mirren and Judi Dench. I LOVE silver hair. The catwalk has recently embraced it too with models toning their Pre lightened tresses with icy whites, graphite and lavender. Simply stunning on the right person. For the quirky client, a panel of bleach toned with lavender, glimpsed through a fringe can be a subtle nod to the trend and keep you feeling current. But if you want to go au naturel, I say wear your hair with confidence. But ensure the condition is Tip Top.

Which takes me on to my final point. When the hair ages and looses pigment (greys) it also looses moisture. Products are essential to hydrate the hair shaft and restore shine. The most offensive aspect of grey is the texture for sure. Wiry and sometimes curly where the rest of the hair is straight?! Absolute nightmare I agree BUT whatever you do people, DON’T PLUCK!! We have all been there, there’s one hideous pubic grey dancing in the wind amidst your parting, detracting from the perfect blow dry….you want to call it a cab, I know. But remember, that offensive gate crasher will come back to haunt you in a few weeks with a vengeance, and you can’t slick it down or it pokes through wherever you choose to part like a bloody antennae. You will rue the day you brandished the tweezers. Mark, my, words.

To advised. Everyone’s hair will grey in a different way and at a different rate. Salt and Pepper or resistant white, there will be a solution that’s right for your hair, lifestyle, budget. To keep silver hair lustrous I would recommend Aveda’s ‘Blue Malva’ shampoo. Very reasonable for a litre, smells like marzipan, what’s not to like? Condition with Label Ms ‘Therapy’ Age defying range.

FYI Tues night, Channel 4,10pm, #FabulousFashionistas some ballsy older broads living it up,looks like a HOOT!