Lost In Transit?

Seasons Greetings Y’all – from Cornwall!

As many of you know, I descended down south back in September. And it’s been a BUSY. OL. TIME – What with moving, planning significant building work and acclimating to my new ‘double life’. I have been to-ing and fro-ing from city to coast (or ‘bridge to beach’, as my Clifton Roomy coined the transition recently, as we admired the Suspension bridge lit at night.) I liked that term – and despite obvious challenges and settling into new routines, I’m rather enjoying the contrast.

There have been some oversights on my part however. I’m an uber organised specimen, so I over-thought my packing requirements on the maiden voyage back to Clifton. Yet on arrival, I discovered I had still managed to forget my laptop charger (secretly smug about the imposed admin blackout if I’m honest) half of my toiletries, a weather appropriate coat… And I also managed to put my back out carrying 4 suitcases up to my top floor lodgings! Rookie.

So on the advice of some of my truly-transient Besties, who juggle international travel and kids to boot (!), I have decided to embrace a capsule work wardrobe and duplicated beauty regimen for my Clifton life, allowing me to effortlessly glide from location to location like an unflappable swan. Simple!

I have also had a little help adjusting… Here’s a couple of insider tips that have made my life a LOT easier!

Wheal Coates, St Agnes by Joe Armstrong

1. Kerastraight Treatment- The Holy Grail for hair!

I  had romantically forgotten the effect of sea air on my hair texture.. After choosing to sit outside to devour some local seafood, I found Steve studying my hairline quizzically. On inspection, I was mortified to see my natural curl was coming in fast, like the storm clouds on the horizon… (Yeah, that’s the other thing…Down here living by the coast, you seriously get hit, with like, four seasons in one day) Bristol water and the shelter of the city suited my mane… but I wasn’t going to let my new micro climate beat me!

So during my time at the salon, I took action. My little dreamboat Cody carried out an emergency Kerastraight Ultimate Treatment (If you know, you KNOW!)

If you struggle with your hair and have not yet tried this treatment, I’m telling you, it’s the holy grail for ‘good hair days’. It costs £250, takes 3 hours and the results last for 4 whole months.

Warmer base colours and hydrating toners can breathe new life into hair, whether its over styling, the assault of Summer on your highlights, or being run down that have hijacked your mojo. Warmth can improve our skin tone when our summer glow, waves ‘a bientot’, and just because you consider yourself  ‘a blonde’, there are safe parameters to transition within, to help you feel updated, but still you.

In fact – another key note about Kerastraight, is that the process can lighten and warm existing hair colour. Since my treatment, I can definitely notice my mid lengths and ends are more golden, but for Autumn/Winter, that’s better. It’s softer on paler skin and I’m going with it.

Book with one of our Colour specialists to discuss options to evolve your colour, subtly or to make a statement. It’s true to say, we can get stuck in a rut with colour. Some of us may resist change, but it’s coming anyway! Whats more, it’s good for us.

And if you are feeling slightly pasty post Summer ,we must let you in on another little secret…

Spray tans!

So many of you still fear them!?:)) Which I really find amusing frankly, as I’m so evangelical on this topic. What you SHOULD be scared of is DIY application. A spray tan, more specifically a Vita Liberata spray tan- is your new best friend.

Childs play to apply, with an airbrushing gun, this tan is hydrating, adapts to every individual re skin tone based on their unique amino acids. They last, if hydrated, daily for 7 days and do not block normal tanning. They are obviously a perfect quick fix for weddings/events/Christmas parties so make the most of our fabulous ‘Winter Glow’ promotion and bag yourself a free mini Body blur for when you want to top up.

My top tip is to emulsify your usual body moisturiser 50/50 with body blur on naked, dry skin for a natural smooth glow. For those of us still baring legs this fall (!). Long skirts, Veja sneakers, woolly neon jumpers – CHECK! Thats how I’m rolling out 2019. Check out our Winter Glow promotion.

So that’s your winter ‘boosters’ covered, we look forward to welcoming you in Clifton soon.

Ciao xx


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