Milkshake Haircare

Milkshake Haircare is part of the concept group. A young, dynamic and innovative Italian company. They offer professional hair products worldwide.The products are made from high quality, all natural ingredients, primarily milk and fruit hence the name.

The range is paraben and petrochemical free. The professional colour range is also ammonia free, but still high performance. The choice of colour in the range is incredible, literally anything is achievable. Milkshake colour also creates a luminosity like no other. The actual product smells divine as it’s natural, so goodbye chemical whiff and sting on the scalp! By protecting the cuticles of the hair and infusing each strand with milk proteins the colour is also guaranteed to last much longer.

We can even customize your chosen shampoo with a small amount of direct colour for you to top up at home every time you wash your hair. This is a fantastic option for tone rich colours like reds.