Ready for Change – Cornwall is Calling

As many of my dear clients already know, I am extremely excited to be relocating to the North Coast of Cornwall later this Summer.

It has long been a dream for my Fiancée Steve and I to live in this magical place. Family commitments and our new found passion for surfing prompted the search, and we have been lucky enough to find the perfect new home, that in the near future will also provide a bespoke barn setting for my second Studio.

What does Cornwall mean to me? 

Cornwall is my spiritual home! My parents have lived there for 20 years now and it’s where we spent every summer during the years I grew up in London. We moved there when I was a teenager, but classically I rebelled against it’s peace and pace in contrast to the London life we’d left behind. Ironically these are the things that are calling me back, I even dream of glistening waves and its sub-tropical flora.

It is the place I go to rejuvenate and where I always have my best ideas. I love the outdoors; running through woodlands and surfing really nurture my physical and creative energy. Cornwall has also really evolved in the 15 years since I left. The array of gastronomy, slick hotels, art, technology, architecture and social projects in the region make inroads to its stereotyped past preconception and I like it- very much!

I loved growing up in London and will always thrive from a visit to our country’s beating heart. I trained with some inspirational Artistic Directors at the Toni & Guy Academy on Oxford Street, which really fired my passion for the fashion and beauty industry.

Bristol was my third home and is special for different reasons. Since I moved to Clifton 13 years ago, my life has changed immeasurably. As well as bagging myself a handsome husband-to-be, it will always be the place where Atelier: my business and my pride & joy, was born.

Over years working in Bristol I have met so many wonderful people and had fantastic opportunities. The city is booming and hungry. It is culturally rich, buzzing and proud, yet also laid back and welcoming. Clifton, the jewel in its the crown is such a stylish village and a lovely place to work. Even though I am relocating my home, my business and my work family will always be in Clifton and I look forward to continuing to spend plenty of time here. I feel so lucky to be able to have the best-of-both worlds, and know both lifestyles will nurture one another.

Setting up a business is tough, and for 5 years has been all consuming. My goal was to build an amazing team of artists and a unique environment where creativity and good vibes thrive – and I’m pleased to say, we are there! I will never be one to let the grass grow underfoot, but I do now need to physically ease back. I plan to develop our brand further from by Cornish base, and am so lucky to have a fantastic team at the helm in Clifton. Henry (who many of you will already be acquainted with!) is my Assistant Manager, and Chrissie is going to be looking after all things FOH.

Your Hair will Still be Well Looked After!

I will be offering plenty of appointments to my loyal clients from Monday through to Saturday every other week, and have recruited 2 exceptional Stylists to accommodate anyone seeking bookings in between.

Laura & Chris both have very impressive CV’s, and are excellent additions to the Atelier team.

I will be very happy to make recommendations for the most suitable stylist based on your hair type & needs. But I know how important the hairdresser-client relationship is, and if you’d prefer to only see me, I totally understand (and thanks, that’s great for my ego!)  I hope to still be able to accommodate you all, but suggest that you block-book your upcoming appointments for piece of mind.

You can continue to book your appointments online, but if you have any questions please contact Chrissie who manages my diary – you can either call the salon, or email her. As I hope you can appreciate, high demand for my appointments does mean that I’ve had to make a slight, necessary price increase.

It’s all down to YOU

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you, to each and every one of you, for your loyalty and continued support over the 5 years. It’s because of you that our business continues to blossom. I am immensely proud of what we have achieved, and beyond excited to see what the next 5 years have in store!

I hope you enjoy the rest of this glorious Summer, and I look forward to catching up with each of you over my Clifton residencies.

Ella x


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