You should see me in a Crown

Do you know what has become really ‘uncool’ of late..? It’s the look of ‘over-done’. Whether it’s too much make up, too stiff a blow dry or suffering high heels in the day. Hallelujah I say!

What has crept up on the inside lane is a more natural, individual ‘cool’, featuring looks that feel somewhat ‘thrown together’. Picture a fresh face with minimal make up, a strong lip, a pair of dungarees and a Headband (which I assure you can hide a multitude of sins!). Comfort no longer has to equal compromise.

Scandi & Parisiean styles are perfect workwear and Athleisure seems acceptable in any context these days. With simple, quick, make up applications/products galore, how liberating to bypass unforgiving tailoring and score an extra 15 mins snoozing!

Now nearing 40, time poor and not much of a ‘girly’ girl, I’m down for embracing my inner art student on the daily frankly. This look says confident without trying and free to be who you want to be.

So here’s my 4 step guide to help you create, a low-maintenance ‘undone’ look.

Ella x

1. Get Wet

I mean seriously hydrate. Drink it, absorb it, bathe in it. If your skin and body are hydrated you create the perfect canvas to work on.

2. Get the Glow

My dear friend and very talented MUA Annabella swears by priming. Here are her top products to help create a ‘glow’ that could convince anyone you have captured your 8 hour RDA.

“Priming is an essential step for the longevity of your make up. I love Laura Mercier ‘Radiance primer’ followed by your preferred base.”

Then for that sun kissed illumination, Annabella recommends Charlotte Tilbury’s Beauty Light Wand. “It’s a dreamy, rose gold cream consistency, to accent upper contours. Suitable for all skin types and wows my clients every time.”

“Finally natural full brows are a huge trend at the moment…. my favourite!! To create this look use a product such as MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow, it’s a brush on gel that grooms and defines brows into a shape while naturally shading them to create subtle or dramatic looks. MAC do this in 6 shades but other makeup houses offer similar.”

3. Don Overalls

So I’m late to the party here, but now I know, I just have to share.

Dungarees/one pieces are the single most flexible wardrobe item you will ever acquire. Wear them with trainers and a body for work and play. Dress them up with a block heel and a blazer for a quick day to night turnaround. Most importantly it’s all about fit, so try on as many as possible to ensure you get the right style for your body shape.

4. And Now For Your Hair….

Over the decades, much has changed for women, but I bet one thing hasn’t… the Bad Hair day. We’ve always been time poor and under pressure to look ‘pretty’. And although my research suggests that you burn 50 cals blow drying average length hair, I’m positive that an extra 30 mins of sleep would likely present a more positive effect on the body!

So my recommendation? Put that hairdryer down, and reach for the dry shampoo & a headband!

Dry Shampoo
Firstly, dry shampoo simply needs to be in every girl’s SOS kit.

My favourite will always be Label M. If you’re out of time or inspiration to do anything more exciting, Dry shampoo the lot, then work into a top knot.

And if your hair is crying out for more of a full on summer hair SOS? We have just the thing! Ask in salon about our brand new Label M Sun Edition kits.

Choose your Crown!
As far as i’m concerned, headbands are hands down the ultimate tool for hiding hair that needs a wash. Dowdy, secretarial, twee, Sloaney, eighties, sporty? The headband, just like the female of the species, has evolved massively throughout the decades.

If you’re not yet convinced of their power, here’s a quick history lesson!

  • In the 20’s, bands were delicate and ornate, embellished with jewels and feathers synonymous with the glamour of the age and delicate, like the perception of women at that time.
  • In 40’s/50’s post war, women set to work and headbands took on a more utilitarian feel.
  • The 60’s and 70’s brought print and more of bohemian style headband, worn low around the head, and sometimes made of flowers during the free love movement.

Flower crowns were actually championed by ancient civilisations first. The Romans and Greek wore crowns made from wool and ivy leaves as a symbol of power, eternity and glory to honour the Gods and as awards for athletes who triumphed at the Olympics. The Romans maintained the symbolism of crowns and victory. Leaders and Military personnel sported crowns made from oak, laurel, myrtle and grass, worn by men of course, as opposed to later liberated women. Similarly to today, floral crowns/wreaths marked celebration and festivals. The ancient Greeks even believed that tying them tightly around their heads may negate hangovers?!

  • The 80’s woman – now empowered – sees Power dressing take the stage, and artists like Madonna pushing the boundaries of femininity. Headbands were now essential to curtail mad perms and hold hair in place whilst we discovered working out!
  • 90’s took it back to preppy and the ‘zig zag’ band, which started the movement to fresh, open-faced, naturalistic make up, prevalent on the catwalks through the noughties.
  • Fast-forward to today where women are bona fide Chameleons and fashion choice is off the scale. Accessories are inexpensive and versatile. We have a stylish solution to all practical conundrums and can therefore effortlessly pirouette from the gym, to the office, to the airport then much further afield. Anywhere accessible, any dream obtainable, any genre adoptable.

What a glorious time to be alive and to be female!

So do you need any further convincing? A hangover negating, bad hair day combatting, veritable crown, symbolising power, glory, celebration and femininity!

My top spots for acquiring a variety are & Other Stories and Free People. Another strong trend coming through is for dainty barrettes. Use these to define strong partings, control fringes whilst they grow out and add sparkle and intrigue to day 2/3 hair. Find a delightful array at Anthropologie.

So, it’s Time to Get Undone

Whatever your style or personality, permission is granted for you to free yourself from the shackles of your hairdryer! Casual, Laid Back & comfortable is the order of the day. It’s time to get undone, get on with your life and look fabulous while you do it.


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